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Established in 1988.

I started making gloves for weddings & formal wear.
In 1992 I also started making gloves for therapeutic purposes for people with hand injuries. Many injured people needed fingerless gloves while working on the computer. I specialize in custom gloves & also sell ready made samples.


Treat yourself or that special someone in your life with custom made women’s gloves or mittens by Gloves by Linda Lorraine.
​We have a huge selection of hand made gloves and mittens such as

Casual Gloves and Mittens

Dress Gloves

Gloves for Bridal/After 5 Events

Lobster Claw Mittens

Liner Gloves

High-Performance Gloves and Mittens

Men's Gloves

Gloves for Medical Injury

Gloves for Sports Markets

Fetish Gloves

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(415) 410-5418
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