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Gloves by Linda Lorraine


Gloves by Linda Lorraine is your one-stop shop for all your hand-covering needs. From light and airy to dark and furry you’ll find gloves and mittens for every occasion.


I met Linda Lorraine in 1987 when she had a kiosk at a shop called the soft touch on the Haight-Ashbury in San Fran.

I was there for the 20th anniversary of The Summer of Love ♡ and bought a pair of leopard-print gloves from her which were all the rage, and I kept them for over 20 years until I inadvertently left them in a New York Taxi in a rush to a meeting.

Since then I have always bought my gloves and other fashion accessories from her, as I found them to be the most interesting and unusual designs of superb quality.

Diane S.

In 1996 I visited a famous hand doctor for my onset of tendonitis in my hands. Upon my first visit to Dr. Robert Markison, he referred me to LINDA LORRAINE GLOVES.
I have been purchasing stylish, great gloves from LINDA LORRAINE GLOVES now for 20 years and intend to continue.

I also receive numerous compliments on them, most recently on a nice pair of black velvet fingerless-thumbless LINDA LORRAINE GLOVES. She is constantly creating new, original ideas with her glove fashions, and the comfort and lasting level of them is uniquely wonderful …

Ann M.

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